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If a picture is worth 1,000 words - a video has to be worth at least a million!


From the author of the hottest selling male enhancement books of all time comes 28 of the best instructional male enhancement videos!




If you're looking for a little more detailed instruction on how to do some of the most popular male enhancement exercises, these videos are for you.


You'll receive exclusive access to 28 of the most valuable male enhancement exercise instructional videos out there. You'll see first-hand exactly how to do these exercises, in real-time. The videos included are:


  • Viking Kegel Squeeze
  • Uli 
  • Towel Raise
  • Spock Jelq
  • Tension Stretch
  • Slow Crank
  • Slinky Bend 
  • Side-to-Side Stretch
  • Ruler Stretch
  • R's Jelq
  • Penile Slapping
  • Oriental Massage
  • Mini Jelq
  • Master Your Orgasms Exercise
  • Leg Tuck Pull
  • JAI Stretch
  • Horse Squeeze
  • Flexing Girth
  • Erect Bend
  • The DLD Blaster
  • The Compressor
  • Bundled Stretch
  • Basic Jelq
  • A-Stretch
  • AC Lengthening Technique (AKA Between the Cheeks)
  • Advanced Squeeze
  • How to Properly Measure Length


If you'd like to see the exercise movement performed, in action, these videos are priceless.


If you are new to male enhancement, do not have a routine or are unsure of how many reps, etc. you should do, we strongly recommend you use these videos in conjunction with The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement .  We have put together two book and video bundles in --





Videos do include nudity and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. These may not be suitable for work place viewing. 


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Instructional Video Set From The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement